PAST works

Many of our well-known performances below are brought back to the stage yearly, yet every performance is different. Our performance space range from indoor professional theater space such as Guild Hall in East Hampton to the outdoor landscape of the Hamptons which has inspired so many infamous artists in the past.


The Neo-Political Cowgirls created an immersive Halloween experience of ghost stories and dances inspired by women who were shut away after being diagnosed with HYSTERIA. Placed in the famous, historical Old South Church in Boston, this project will raise funds for The Lucas Flint Memorial Scholarship at Emerson College for a student in need majoring in Visual Media Arts.


HYSTERIA, a “Surround Story” plays with sound, immersive experience, music, light and darkness, dance and chilling stories inspired by women who were diagnosed with “Hysteria” then yanked from loved ones to be cast into insane asylums, never to be seen again. Creepy and riddled with distorted movement, terrifying music and stories, HYSTERIA presents a unique experience for the Halloween season for those who love being scared.


Andromeda's Sisters was named for the scene in NPC's production of ANDROMEDA when, against all common sense and expectation, Poseidon's daughters swim to save Andromeda from being sacrificed to a violent sea monster. A three-tiered evening of advocacy, associating and arts, this event celebrates, connects, and articulates women's issues, voices, interests and livelihoods. 


Inspired by these real events: in 1969, in a segregated city in the American Midwest bursting with racial tension, a 14 year old black girl named Vivian was shot by a white cop, igniting one of the worst race riots in American history.