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Photos by Nicole Dancel 


Every Sunday in January
Guild Hall
158 Main Street
East Hampton, NY

January Girls is a series of four workshops each January in partnership with Guild Hall of East Hampton where girls and women ages 6-106 come together to journal, converse, and make art around topics of friendship, self-image, and community issues. January Girls is an experience for intergenerational conversation. We highly encourage mothers, grandmothers, aunts and women friends (particularly those you see- immigrants, the elderly, those new to our community, etc) to come. This is not a children's activity. This is a COMMUNITY of females activity aiming at conversation and friendship.

Our 2018 program offered two workshops in film making (The Presentation of Self) with film maker Kate Gilroy, "Memory Mapping" creations with artist Darlene Charneco, and bottle art painting (My Body Is Art) with reverse-glass painter Gabriele Raacke.

Begun as a program to welcome immigrant girls into a community circle of friendship, January Girls, a FREE program to participants, has expanded that mission not only to include those new to our East End community, but also to embrace females across the perceived age barrier. Engaging in conversation and idea and experience sharing, in our opinion, knocks down those invisible yet harsh walls of ageism and sets us leagues ahead in realizing our allies, friends, and supporters.

To become a sponsor of this program and help us keep these workshops reaching out to bring our girls and women together in empowerment, please contact Kate at

for more information about NPC workshops
contact Us. 

A month of Sundays bringing together girls and women

ages 6-106 in Art and Friendship.


Begun in 2016 to welcome immigrant girls to our community, January Girls is now expanded to break down walls and generate meaningful shared conversation between generations, cultures and social statuses. Professional artists are hired to lead the group in journaling, conversation and an art project steeped in a theme aimed to bring participants into a deeper dynamic for connection, inspiration and understanding. We are seeing a serious need for girls and women* to strengthen the intergenerational bond in communities.



We believe when young girls see and value the wisdom in elder women and older women draw from the freedom found in the girl child, the hard divisions of age melt away and powerful friendships are born. The same is true for cultural and life resource differences. And we always witness a much-needed release into creative abandon by the mothers bringing their daughters.


January Girls is about active space- making where creativity is the engine for dislodging and disintegrating societal walls.



Free to participants.

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