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Photos by Ingrid Liot



EVE, an 11 room immersive dance theater experience, examines the journey of EVE, the newest creation of the Mad Maker. This music- driven tale explores the human search for free will and what it means to be one's "Own home." Called "Stunningly gorgeous work," "Breathtaking," and "Mind bending, unapologetically sensual," EVE is a groundbreaking theatrical production for mature audiences who want to immerse themselves into a wildly unique experience.


"A brilliantly stunning piece of work!"
– Blythe Danner, Actress


"That was one of the most freeing and emotional theatrical experiences that we've had in forever! We teared up, choked up and could hardly breathe at the end - joy & exhilaration! SO many BRAVAS for your fabulous work and your fabulous Company and Creative Team"
– Tony Walton, Tony & Oscar winning Set Designer and Theater Director


"Kate Mueth is a brilliant director! I am proud to be part of the same community. Great expressive dancers, 

awesome soundtrack, and sets... wow! I don't even know how to express how much I enjoyed the visual impact. Thank you so much guys, it was a real treat!" 
– Nadia Ernestus, Hamptons Health Coach



Special thanks to Bart Fasbinder for allowing NPC to use his fantastic sound design. Love what you heard? Check out his soundcloud!

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