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An "inside-out" theater art installation, VOYEUR is the unfolding story of a young girl as told through a series of short vignettes watched through windows as the audience walks around the outside of the open theater.  “It’s a meditation on time and evolution of a girl- a flash of a plunge into explorations of human private moments that leave an indelible mark on one's psyche,” says Director Kate Mueth.  She is legendary for her edgy and inspirational productions designed to make the audience feel like they’re an active part of the show.  The walls that traditionally separate the audience from the actors are invisible and viewers are invited to peak in as a ‘voyeur’ of the unexpected. 


Known for their immersive, expressionist productions, the Neo-Political Cowgirls have staged an impressive production ... Voyeur is an intimate short story, a relatable meditation on friendship, growing up and dealing with life’s many challenges. There’s no shortage of theater offerings on the East End in the summer, but Voyeur stands out as one of the most innovative and exciting.

– Lee Meyer Dan's Papers 

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