The Culture Project’s Women Center Stage Festival


OCTOBER 13 & 14, 5 PM


The Neo-Political Cowgirls are proud to announce their newest project in conjunction with The Culture Project's Women Center Stage Festival. The festival aims to celebrate the wonder and beauty of life regardless of race, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. 


NPC will be creating a surround-immersive performance, One Flag, United in Hell. It will incorporate music, movement, flags, and six female-identifying performers from a swath of different cultures and ages to examine the danger of using a national flag as a means of political identification.

Neo-Political Cowgirls Founder and Artistic Director Kate Mueth says “While our work is provocative and engages in socially-immediate conversations, we are itching to create a new, short piece that is perhaps a bit more indelicate than usual. Looking through the lens of flag-waving nationalism feeds racism and the staunch view of ‘Us versus Them’– whether ‘they’ be jailed humans, immigrants or of different skin color.”

When asked why she felt compelled to make this work today, Mueth responded with “In my opinion it is utterly up to theater makers to lead the charge in questions, conversations, and inspiring societal and political change. The theater is truly the safest and most loving place to do so. It is where vibrational shifts begin so action can emerge.” The project is keeping with NPC’s mission of raising visibility for women’s and social justice issues. 



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