Not for the faint of heart, not for those who clutch their pearls, but a rallying clarion for those who wish to stand in allegiance with women, know the stories of women, and yeah, get a creepy Halloween chill through the testaments and tales of women. Stand and deliver tales by brave women illuminating stories from the underbelly of their existence.
Available for listening October 29th-October 31st.
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this event is not for children and deals with highly emotional topics that some could find upsetting. for more information, please contact us. 


After school remote enrichment programs for your kids with Making Space, 

where building creative resilience brings light, energy and a vision for the future. 


First out of the gate, for female-identifying 9-13 year olds: 


Identifying Inspiration Workshop 

Tuesdays starting September 29th, from 4:00-5:00 for six sessions. Fee: $125 




Studying lesser-known women who have taken brave steps to lead and make a difference, this Zoom workshop incorporates creative writing, conversation and idea-sharing to explore and inspire our own skills through the prism of inspiring women. A supportive and playful space where girls get to come together to imagine, improvise, and share feed back- excellent confidence-building and friendship-finding practices. 


Light reading or being read to pre-class is required. 

Space is limited, so early sign up is highly recommended. 


The brave females we will be getting to know each workshop:


Mary Seacole

Nurse and Comforter to the wounded and poor


Elizabeth Fry

Social Reformer 


Mary Anning



Wangari Maathai



Sarah Winnemucca

Outspoken Advocate 




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