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A writing and sculpting work out for women that bends us towards our authentic creative intuition. A magical romp bringing us closer to our deeply buried wisdom and opening our channels of response. Process, not product-driven, the theme to this January's workshop acknowledges and celebrates what we have already built in our lives and illuminates what we wish to build as we continue onwards. A delicious discipline of time where we hear and respond to what our ingenuity is telling us.

A deep creative dive work out for women. Utilizing writing, scribbling and sculpting as response tools to self-discovery prompts, this workshop is simultaneous meditation, creation and play. An independent remote experience led by Kate Mueth, Artistic Director of the dance theater, uber-creative company The Neo-Political Cowgirls, where women are taken on mesmerizing paths leading to self-discovery, authenticity, and bold, imaginative realms of possibility. 


Women's workshops

January 7, 14 and 21

Thursdays at 1:00-2:15pm EST 


Commentary on past Cacography and Clay workshops with Kate: 


"It was fun! A most insightful navigation through clay and writing. Self awareness comes in so many avenues. Yours was way more FUN and the exploration deep and personal. Your process was easy and safe to be able to access those places which are sometimes hidden to my case usually because I make myself so busy. This was a perfect time to create space and time. Again many thanks to your expertise, I admire your leadership with co- creation and holding space for each of us in our sovereignty."

- Nicolisa West


"I looked forward to this workshop every week. I discovered so much about myself while putting a lot into focus about my life, my strengths, my wishes and my talents. A deeply rewarding place to play."

- Terri Dierkes

the word of girl 

Breaking News!!! 

The Neo-Political Cowgirls are over-the-moon proud to introduce a brand new program in our Making Space Arts Education curriculum:

the word of GIRL

This six week, remote program leading teenaged girls through a journey to writing their own short play. Set to launch this spring and leading into our Andromeda’s Sisters annual gala where we shine light on female-identifying playwrights, actors and social justice warriors, this new workshop builds up the voices, confidence and writing prowess of girls to manifest stories for the stage. 

Space is limited and the outreach for participants will span the nation.

If you know a girl who would get a needed supportive spark from taking part in this program, email us at to find out how we are taking applications. 




A joyous program to lead girls to the stage where their words may rage, dance, play and fly free. 


Sponsored in part through the gorgeous generosity of Julie Sigler Baum of East End Acupuncture and taught by performer, poet and teaching artist Star Sternstein.

January girls 

A month of Sundays bringing together girls and women

ages 6-106 in Art and Friendship.


Begun in 2016 to welcome immigrant girls to our community, January Girls is now expanded to break down walls and generate meaningful shared conversation between generations, cultures and social statuses. Professional artists are hired to lead the group in journaling, conversation and an art project steeped in a theme aimed to bring participants into a deeper dynamic for connection, inspiration and understanding. We are seeing a serious need for girls and women* to strengthen the intergenerational bond in communities.



We believe when young girls see and value the wisdom in elder women and older women draw from the freedom found in the girl child, the hard divisions of age melt away and powerful friendships are born. The same is true for cultural and life resource differences. And we always witness a much-needed release into creative abandon by the mothers bringing their daughters.


January Girls is about active space- making where creativity is the engine for dislodging and disintegrating societal walls.



Free to participants.

girls gaze 

Girls’ Gaze remotely with our East Hampton High School girls!


6 weeks

5:00-6:00 pm



NPC and Hamptons Film bring this program to our local girls to be in conversation while creating their own short films. Community service hours, friendship and active creation are just a few of the gifts of this program.

Sign up required to participate in this free six week class.

Sponsored generously by Sheri Sandler

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