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Write Sculpt speak Move Workshop

**Artwork by Huynh Duy

Write Sculpt Speak Move

Get Your Creativity Juiced Up With A Little Self Love This January!

A Playful Workshop Romp Through Creative Prompts


A uniquely Neo-Political Cowgirls-styled four hours of delicious deep diving into the power of personal creative fertility. An invigorating, imagination-stimulating “workout” for women ages 18-108.

Our exploration happens through the use of inquisitive prompts to ignite self exploration, fearlessness, imagination and joyful vision for the year ahead. Prompts are answered through writing, drawing, clay sculpting, movement, and collective story telling. Music, visual art, interactive exercises and quiet, personal introspection stretch imaginations and open up our idea zones aiding in peeling back layers that keep us stuck. Pathways are illuminated, strengthening a joyful sense of self.



Saturday, January 13th

Noon - 4:00pm


Springs Presbyterian Church Hall

5 Old Stone Highway, Springs, East Hampton



90$ Per Participant

(includes all materials)

Join with a friend and both of you receive $10 off your class fee.

RSVP is required as space is limited.

Registration deadline is January 5th

No previous experience in any artistic practice necessary.

To receive registration details, email

About Kate Mueth

Kate Mueth, Artistic Director of The Neo-Political Cowgirls Dance Theater Collective, presents one of her unique, entertaining, supportive and empowering workshops where creative PLAY is re-ignited and put into the service of each participant’s personal purpose and vision.

“Kate has a magical way of unlocking parts of me that is powerful and deeply cathartic. “ - Barbara B., Past Workshop Participant

“Kate is incredibly down-to-earth, creative and generous. What she is able to help me reach in myself is unexpected and that she does it in the most fun, playful and open ways is sheer genius. - Mary K., Past Workshop Participant

Kate Mueth On Creativity

"We are all born creative and capable of expression in uncommon and genius ways. No matter how deeply our articulation may be buried, it lies there, humming its song, just waiting to be set free.

….For many reasons, as we grow older we often become cemented into ideas about our limitations and who we think we are. I love the imagination because it’s a powrerful muscle that, like any other part of ourselves, can be strengthened if just given some attention and affection of focus. Too often I hear women say “Oh, I’m not creative.” But this just is not true. Every one of us is born full of unlimited potential of self expression that is uniquely ours. All that holds us back is our own outlook about it, really. And let’s make sure that we are not confusing creativity with the stressful concept of being a “Successful artist.” These things are not the same nor do they hold the same value.

I think it’s incredibly important for the development of joy and thriving growth in our personal lives to practice creative voicing, learning of craft, and the creation of raw beauty in whatever form it may wish to take. Cooking, painting, gardening, organizing, child care, volunteering, dancing, singing in the shower…. It’s the process, not the product that frees us from our stuck-ness.

Operating creatively really involves a healthy curiosity. A desire to look more deeply, to ask questions, and yes, to be brave in our vulnerability. It’s really that simple. If this doesn’t seem so “simple,” then that is where one’s attention should be sent. Our self care should always include looking after our child-like playfulness. We should encourage one another in this and aim to make spaces for such discovery as accessible as possible.

Play frequently. Get discombobulated in the mystery of your Self. Join others. Be private about it. Sing publicly about it. Dance with who you were, are, and are yet to become. Shine colorful lights on your imaginative musings, cast long shadows, and don’t fear walking through the dark forest towards your inner Home."

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