EVE Sneak Peak:
NPC rehearsalsfor the off-Broadway production of EVE at the Gym at the Judson
Kate Mueth and The Neo-Political Cowgirls' annual winter theatrical outdoor magical journey. Here is Leyla, Goddess of spring, -- longing, wild, love lost-- found on the beach.....

A montage of all things NPC. Featured in Andromeda's Sisters 2020.

About Neo-Political Cowgirls

An interview with Artistic Director, Kate Mueth,  January 2012​

EVE Trailer:
Presented July 2012, July/August 2013 and September 2015 in NYC

NPC featured in the Parrish Art Museum's "Gesture Jam", Nov. 2014

Zima at Pussy's Pond​​

A sit down with Trevor Vaughn and his thoughts on Dude's Eye View

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