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Thrilling Evening

Refreshed, revitalized, opened up. I am zoomed out, and Like so many, I am disappointed that I cannot look forward to the fall theater season. Andromeda's Sisters changed all that. I know that Kate Mueth is brilliant, beautiful, inspiring and SO SO creative. She surpassed herself last night. The program began with her beautiful presence--hard to follow that but .....there was an amazing choreographer whose work I loved and want more of, and many performances that filled my senses, my heart, and my soul. It was almost as good as live theatre --so rich and full.


If there was a night that my MacBook came to life, it was for this performance. Mia Funk's work was lovely and lyrical. Laura Gomez' performance was wonderful, as were Ellen Dolan's and Catherine Curtin's. It was great to meet new playwrights in person ( well in person on the screen) and to see their work. There was a complex and rich sense of presenting women in all their beauty and complexity that words cannot explain. That my friends is the beauty of art. Andromeda's Sisters is a must-see/ must experience gem. Carol J Steinberg Esq.

Carol Steinberg


Kudos to Kate Mueth and her latest production. The setting was magical and became even more intense as the evening progressed. Talented cast of actors, musicians, aerialists and dancers. An exciting outdoor summer theater experience...a spectacular production.

Barbara raeder


Wonderful meeting of the minds - women and our voicesLoved it wish there were more events like this! Thank you Neo Political Cowgirls!

Kyle Paseka


Brilliantly disturbing and provocative, bringing together all of the elements ( sound, light, etc) for a body, mind, and heart experience. Brava once again! Barbara Layton

Barbara Layton


Exquisitely realized, and so generously shared, bettering all of us lucky enough to bear witness and be transported and lifted by your collective efforts of magnifying humanity and artistic expression. Thank you! What a spectacular WIN for THEATER and the LIVING SOULS within us all to whom you've called so thrillingly.

Sal Viviano


Absolute Magic!!!

Melissa Berman


Kate Mueth and the Neo-Political Cowgirls yet again delivered a completely unexpected, brilliant, provocative, mesmerizing production, with inspired performances by Josh Gladstone, Vanessa Walters and the rest of the players. Loved it. Brava!



Once again, Kate Mueth and her band of sassy, spirited revelers delight with the unexpected! A gaggle of guest stars, including heroic Josh Gladstone, incomparable Nancy Atlas and delicious Inda Eaton make for a best in class night of unusual, unique and OH SO KATE inspiration! Brava!


Have a delightful evening

Baubo is a delight under the stars. Get a picnic and go to see it this week at the Montauk County State Park. The show is very creative, mythological, deep, fanciful, lovely. The aerialists are amazing. The story is universal. The costumes and more are so much fun. It is all that you want theatre to be and more.....and a rarity to find in these times.

Carol Steinberg

Spell-binding & creative

My whole family loved today's virtual performance of Primavera, as well as the insightful question and answer session that followed. What an engaging, imaginative, and hope-inspiring way to spend a Saturday evening. I didn't feel like anything was lost through the virtual element -- it was a different (although equally fun!) experience.

Jessica BengeLS

Thank you!

Loved the show!!! Thank you for all you do for our community!!

Alfton Disunno


Fabulous performance of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream (The Dreamer) done by NPC at Longhouse Reserve. Don’t miss it. So much fun. Not your regular Shakespeare, to say the least.

Will Ryan


This a phenomenal experience! Needs to go to Broadway!



Like carving out time to meditate or exercise the benefits to making the time to participate in this workshop pays dividends. I leave more relaxed and more focused. I am amazed that I am better able to identify where I tend to falter and where I gather steam. And Kate creates a cohesive group with the perfect balance of group connection and being immersed in a self reflective process. She amazes!

Teri D

Stepped into a dream

We had an unforgettable evening in a labyrinth-like estate with evocative and magical performances in every corner.

Andrea Grover


Loved loved loved every minute of it! A breath of fresh air and pure fun! Thank you Kate, Josh, August, and the Neo-Political Cowgirls, and please don't ever stop your creativity and generosity of spirit. We need you!

Lisa Michne


We all stand in awe of what you do, create, make happen—-inspirational & transforming.

Gail Pellett
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