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Mother’s Day Missives

A unique gift for mother's day this year

Dear Friends-


Mother’s Day is nearing and we’ve an idea for a special gift that is deeply meaningful, purposefully gorgeous and it reaches through these current days of missing contact with one another —


The response to the week-long creative deep dive email course Kate offered last week received remarkable feedback. 


Feedback included:

“I’ve never seen such a gorgeously curated online workshop!”

“I enjoyed this on such a deep level.”

“I had so much fun with this and I loved your music choices.”

“You clearly put so much love into this!”


So in these days where our in-person theater work is all suspended or cancelled, we’ve decided to commingle our love of language, art and music to share with women we care about. 


We are taking orders (donations range from $5-$20- no need to break the bank) for “Mother’s Day Missives” sent via email to someone you love. Here’s what this is:

     • A long, beautiful emailed “card” consisting of 

     • 8 curated, women-centric images of art (such as those in the comment section) based on your chosen theme.

     • Three or more pieces of writing - poetry, essays and/or quotes by women writers.

     • Links to three pieces of thematic music by female musicians. 

     • One fun, simple, self-gratitude fill-in-the-blank activity.

     • Ending with a short mindfulness meditation recording for them to listen to. (Link remains active forever!) 

First: You choose from the following themes:






Second: You choose your donation amount:

Choose any amount from $5-$20 and make your payment via Venmo or PayPal (links at bottom) 


Third: Email Kate the recipient’s name and email address at


Her missive will go out at 7:00 am on Mother’s Day (with your name as the gifter in the subject line) and you will be bcc’d (so you also get to enjoy this experience! A two-fer special!) 


Our promise to you and your recipient: we will create these missives with utmost intentional love, focus and in a 100% state of artistic purpose and thoughtfulness. 


Thank you for considering joining this creative path with NPC to honor and remember and celebrate women who make our world beautiful while you support our continued creative endeavors in these interesting days of challenge. 


Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’ve any questions or special requests. 


So much love and sending good health and courage to all,

Kate and NPC 



*For payment via PayPal (please add $1 to help cover the fee PayPal takes) click here.

* For Venmo: Neo-Political Cowgirls @KateMueth

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