is a New York-based artist who received her BA in Theatre Arts and Political Science. She is an actress, singer-songwriter, producer and director. She has collaborated and done independent projects on films and theatre. Her theatre credits include stage manager and supporting actress for a devised play of “Who Could Have Predicated.” This play was based on the impact of the COVID 19 effect on communities of color. Also, she directed “Jitney,” “Arms and the Man” and a student One-Act play festival “Elite” produced at City College of New York. In addition, she worked as an actress and writer for a short independent film project “Unspeakable.” As an artist, she is dedicated to using theatre as a platform to facilitate community-driven change to highlight and provoke consciousness around injustices that plague our environment. She believes in cultivating her personal experience as an activist and utilizing it to create music and stories to bring life to the world of theatre and film.   

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