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Photos by Nicole Dancel 


a five day online workshop done in your own time
starts march 30-april 2020



Dear Friends,

While these days have certainly upended, frightened, changed, and worried us, we at NPC are quietly working on ways to keep connected, stay inspired and to help us all take care of ourselves while we hunker in and do our part to bring society and our communities to a place of better health. 

We've decided to move forward with a particular effort because we feel it may still be of use to many of you, because we've been working on launching this for a while now and because we, too, need to find a modicum of "normalcy" to the work we do. 

This new launch is an online, personalized "workshop" that everyone is welcome to join. It is a refreshing, thoughtful, five day creative deep dive that is done on your own time, requiring only as much time as you put into it. This can be done anywhere, any time March 30th- April 3rd in email form.

Why this project? We passionately believe that individual creativity can bring about incredible change. When we are actively in touch with our own personal imagination and creative juices (And yes, EVERYONE is creative, just in different ways and through varying practices.) Math, Science, Healthcare, Parenting, Finance, Business - all this and more benefit from creative approaches and give opportunities for powerful creative expression. Beyond our work lives, readily accessible creativity enables problem-solving skills, levity, joy and perspective changes. 

How do we approach a "Creative deep dive?" 

We start with basics. We get back to something many of us no longer do much - writing with a pen or pencil. We set up particular boundaries and then we present a "Prompt" for you to write a response to. While there is very little that restricts you, the parameters in place help you push through to deeper thoughts, ideas and memories. We "Scrape clean" that "Brain gunk" that clouds all of us pretty much every day. These short writing bursts are incredible exercises that energize, nudge, and activate us so that we become "unstuck" as we touch base with our imaginations once again- our imaginations that when we were young, gave us so much entertainment, focus and fortitude. 

We believe that if more adults were actively engaging with and "tending the garden" of their imaginations, we would quite possibly be in a much more joyful, supportive and proactive place together as a society. We readily (and perhaps not so readily, but wishfully) work out our bodies, but rarely do the same for our precious brain muscle of inventiveness. Is 10-20 minutes a day of such love for our originality too much to give ourselves?

Here’s how it rolls: Starting Monday, March 30th, you will get sent an email with a writing prompt and directions each weekday of that week. On your own time, you complete the prompt as directed. Once finished, you then write an email back to us (Kate will be the one moderating this) about what came up for you, sharing as much or as little of your outcome as you desire, but getting to the point of what you discovered. FROM HERE we will send you a new, individually personalized prompt that launches off from your first response. You then follow the next directions for the follow-up prompt and complete it on your own. It's like we are working together to scratch away the mental paint to see what’s underneath. Fun, creative back and forth "spitballing" as we like to say. The original fee was set for $100 for the week. But now with the current days in mind and as we try to keep our work moving forward while considering so much challenge we all are facing, we are discounting this online workshop to $40 for the week. 

If you'd like to sign up, please click the "JOIN THE WORKSHOP" button, add $3 for PayPal and processing fees, and make sure to include your email address. Once received we will send you a confirmation email. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out at: 

We will continue to launch this program in varying ways (more email workshops with all kinds of prompts and creative exercises as well as videos for purchase) and hope that maybe it brings you an energized awareness, courage in accessing the well of your thinking, and a bright outlook for all that is yet to come. 

We send you good health, deep breaths, and loads of creative juju to keep things moving in the right direction. 

The Neo-Political Cowgirls 

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