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Anne Chaisson

is a producer and actress, known for Roger Dodger (2002), Rocksteady (2010) and P.S. (2004). Since 2012, Anne Chaisson has served as the executive director of the Hamptons International Film Festival (HIFF).


is a New York based artist who has sat on the board of the NPC since 2018.


“As a writer and actor it gives me great pleasure to support the Neo Political Cowgirls in their mission to empower the female perspective and create evocative, important and diverse WORK. I hope the words written in these plays and those spoken in the talkback sessions will resonate and inspire others to speak their truths and come into their own POWER. The world is in a state of immense growth and our hope is that art can help to push the needle on change forward."

Robin Jahoda

comes from a family of educators. Teaching is in her blood and so becoming a classroom teacher has been a natural progression in the development of her professional career. Robin graduated from college with a degree in Speech and Language Pathology and Audiology. After working as a teacher of speech and language improvement in several New York City schools and subsequently receiving her Master’s Degree in English and Writing, Robin worked as an educator in Japan. It was during this international experience that Robin realized her true passion for educating children.

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Gabriele T Raacke.jpg

is a German-born artist known for her innovative and often whimsical reverse-painting-on-glass pieces but has simultaneously worked as a backdrop painter, set designer, and producer.

Sheri Sandler

founded the Reba Judith Sandler Foundation in 1996 in honor of her mother. The Foundation is dedicated to funding organizations that provide direct services to girls and women, particularly in the area of domestic violence, incest and economic independence. Sheri serves on several boards, lives on the Upper West Side and is the proud mother of her daughter, Eva.

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Emily Weitz

is a yoga teacher, a mom, and comes from a journalism background as she focuses on storytelling and communication for the Paper Fig Foundation. She has developed genuine relationships with all staff in New York and in Uganda, and focuses her work on listening to the needs of the communities where we work, and expressing them to the leadership team in New York.


is an actress who has worked in film, TV and on stage.  Latest work: The Yeats Game, which explored the ideas of marriage and the struggle with one’s own identity. Favorite roles include:  Club from The Vagina Monologues/MMRP, at The Snapple Theater; Lyubov in The Cherry Orchard; Mrs. S in Making Movies; and Karen in A Dawn In Winter. Moving to East Hampton has brought Susan the opportunity to work with Kate Mueth and NPC as a producer, actress, as well as participation in new play readings at Stony Brook. 

Ron Reed NPC.jpg
Ronald Reed

Ronald Reed is an American born artist living and working in Sag Harbor, NY. He was born in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, in 1969 and studied Fine Arts at Boise State University and Architecture at the University of Idaho. Painting, sculpture and architecture help make us human. Together they are a trifecta of what makes us, influences us, drives us and can bring us closer to God. Art can lift us up, pull us down, enlighten us and frighten us. This is the same with architecture. It shapes our built world and can impact us without us even noticing. Throughout our history, art and architecture were one and the same, never separated, but an integral part of civilization. My desire is for that to be true once again.

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